Coming by the South from Montpellier
For matching the direction of the Cévennes follow the board indicating :
*Millau, Hopitaux, Facultés and then the road "D986"
* You will have to cross St.Martin de Londres, St.Bauzile de Putois, Laroque.
* From St.Bauzile, you are driving along the canyon of the river "Hérault".
* Reaching Ganges, at the first circle take the direction Nîmes
* Leave Ganges by the roundabout way. You cross a bridge over the Rieutord river (usually dry at this point)
* AT the second circle you will have to leave the direction Nîmes and follow Sumène.
* Leave Sumène by the roundabout way and go on the right once on the hill, which stands after the 2nd bridge
* On your right take the road "D20" up to St.Martial

Access Plan, St-Martial->Les Nabières
The village is hung on the mountainside. So arriving from Sumène, you get immediatly, after the hill, on the main place : platane tree on your right and "café/restaurant Lou Régalou" on your left side.
Go on, enterring the curve, take the road on your right mentionned "Route du Col de la Croisette". Now in front of you, you can see the Mas des Nabières as a target.
You have to pass on the other side of the mountain. Just go down, pass a bridge, a sharp curve and start the way up. very quick you will drive along a row of spruce and then a beautiful wooden fence.
You can park here imediatly on your left, after the fence. The Mas is now behind you, push the fence and two fiendly dogs are happy to welcome you.